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Jan Tunér, DDS


I am a Swedish dentist, working with therapeutic lasers for more than 30 years. My most recent book on laser phototherapy is the 8th in order. As a lecturer, I have been invited to several universities and congresses worldwide and I was a lecturer at the European Master degree in Oral Laser Applications during many years. Feel free to read my CV or some links related to me.


Recent book (2018): Laser PhotoTherapy in Dentistry. Available in English or German.

Previous book (2014): Laser Phototherapy – Clinical Practic and Scientific Background.

Fantasy (svenska)

Most recent article: Is Photobiomodulation Therapy cost effective? Guest editorial. Photobiomodulation Photomedicine and Laser Surgery; April 2020.

Get the 2014 Laser Phototherapy book for free download.